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Mister CGI-BIN says you're the 1315 Surfer to cruise into our site since I completely updated the Clan Website on 13 Feb 1998...

Incidently, when I redid the page in early 1998, our original counter from stopped working (With almost 5000 hits). That one only recorded "New" visitors to the site - and totally missed the folks who come in through one of the other page links, like the Heraldry link or the Seige Engine Competition link. If the access logs were any indication, we've probably had at least 3 - 5 times as many actual visitors!

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Welcome one and all to the Home Page of the most awesome Clan ever to stride proudly - surfboard in hand - across the width and breadth of the earth. We are The Glorious Clan MacDude, Holders of the Party Eternal, Keepers of the Faith Everlasting, Seekers after the Perfect and Permanent Wave.

Now looking for surfers on other planets!

27 June 2002 - UPDATE TIME!!!!

After much deliberation (and several figurative beatings by my fellow Clannies) I've decided to start re-writing the site. It may be a fairly long term project since I have several other irons in the fire (Including the IRC network, and my own but I'll be adding and subtracting and editing as time permits.

Note: The Clan MacDude home page has been hosted by Best Communications (now Verio Premire Hosting - owned by NTT) for the better part of 6 years now. We had access to the server at Stately MacDude Manor through a static IP address assigned to my 56K dialup. Unfortunately, since Verio decided to back out of the legacy support thing, the dialup is gone. In it's place? Now we have (deep breath) a full pipe T1 (sourced through Speakeasy) that is known to the world as Stormcenter. The home of Radio Free Dwarfstar.

The Glorious Clan MacDude (not affiliated with any Apple product - or even any particular brand of computer - though the Patriarch likes Linux enough to convert all but one of his machines over to the One True O/S.) embraces an entirely new and unique concept in Clan structure - completely unlike the native Highlanders! (not affiliated with anyone who claims to be born before the invention of sliced bread or 13" monochrome monitors.) With (almost) no exceptions, our members are not born into the Clan. Nope. They were all indoctrinated into the fold through the arduousRitual of Indoctrination. That's what makes us special. That's why we can say that in this Clan anyone can be a Scotsman! (Hey, can I trademark this?)

SETIThe Clan searches for stuff in space! New for June 1999

Surfers on other planets? Cool!"

Have some spare clock cycles sitting around on your computer? Cool. Wanna put them to work? Cooler! Why not sign on to the SETI@Home project, sponsored by UC Berkeley, the Planetary Society, and SETI? Once you get yourself hoked up, come join the Clan MacDude team, and add yourself to the collection of computers we've got crunching numbers with spare clock cycles.

CatapultThe 1st Annual Siege Engine Competition Updated some time last year, I think...

You're kidding, right?"

Well, actually, no. A little touched, perhaps, but we're setious about this.

Maybe it's the advent of field howitzers and ballistic missiles, but we think the art of Siege Engine development has long been neglected. The fact is, that siege engines and fizzbeer go together like Surf Boards annd trap Shooting. In fact, we think they go together so well, we're going combine them competetively...

While the Seige Engine Competition has been gestating for a long, long, time, (and STILL is) it looks like we are starting to make some progress. Interest on the Net is building, and we are looking at the possibility of joining forces with other, larger, like-minded, groups. Stay tuned. This competition will happen! Maybe even before the Princess MacDude graduates college...

HelmetUpcoming events... Updated 29 Sept '98

1998 was a weird year for the Clan MacDude. 1999 Has been even weirder. Life's getting weirder still with moves, weddings, funerals, and maybe a wake. Still time for some action in '99? You bet! Just need to get our acts together and make it happen!

Anna the Magic SheepPast events...

Ok, ok, we admit it. When we play, we play hard and we tend to leave a path a kilometer wide. However - we always clean up after ourselves... Just so you'll know what you missed, we'll be happy to show you the aftermath of past MacDude events. Remeber, you have been warned...

ChainLinks to other MacDude sites...

What good is a Web site without links to other Web sites? I don't know either... That's why we've got a page full o' links to places us MacDudes consider worthy. We also put in the instructions for joining our mailing list, and where you can find us in USENET (Pretty good for a bunch of folks in really loud kilts, eh?) Now, you gotta remember that we're always workin' on this, so it's still a little sparse...

PicturesThe Clan Gallery

Ok, so these pictures date back to the first ever Summer in Scotland Party we held at Bonny Doon beach (north of Santa Cruz, California) and I am yet to get scanned images from ANY of the numerous events since. So what's the big deal? Just send me a scanner (or a video capture card) and I'll be happy to add to the collection! In any case, the current Gallery gives you a pretty good idea of what a Clan Beach Party looks like in action...

MusicThe MacDude Anthem...

Every organization with any pretense to pomp or circumstances (and we are a pretty pretensious lot) needs an anthem of sorts. While we can't lay claim to having written our own, we can certainly lay claim to anything that's not bolted down! In that vein, we proudly present the unofficial Anthem of the Glorious Clan MacDude!

I need a better picture!Interested in joining the Clan MacDude?

Ever wonder how a person engages in the Ritual of Indoctrination to become a member of the Clan? So do a lot of other people. That's why we thoughtfully included an entire page just to let you know what you have do survive in order to get in. Be warned, the true details are shrouded in mystery...

Yet another pleas for more art!The History of the Clan

Are you absolutely sure you want to know the truth about how the Clan originated? Well, if you really want to know, just follow the link for an ireverent look at the History of the Glorious Clan MacDude.

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